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  • 2014 Grantee Perception Report

    In 2011 the IAF became the first federal agency to participate in the Center for Effective Philanthropy’s (CEP) grantee perception survey. To continue assessing our progress and improving as a donor we participated for a second time in 2014.


  • New IAF Blog: A place to share stories and perspectives

    IAF's blog is a place to offer insight into how development organizations can best reinforce and nurture local control in the communities we serve.


  • UNDP Recognition for IAF grantees

    The Global Fund for Community Foundations, highlighted the work of two IAF grantees that recently recently participated in a regional planning session of the UNDP Small Grants Programme.


  • Soccer Hits the Streets of Buenos Aires

    The city of Buenos Aires will be hosting the Copa Americas Cup of Street Soccer, an event that includes youth teams from 13 countries.


  • 2015 Grassroots Development Fellowships

    The IAF has awarded Grassroots Development Fellowships to 15 Ph.D. candidates from universities in the United States who will conduct dissertation research in Latin America during the coming year.


  • Annual Meeting of The Council of Foundations 2015

    The Council on Foundations, a membership organization of more than 1,600 philanthropic institutions, is hosting its Annual Meeting in San Francisco on April 26-28.


  • Earth Day 2015

    In the spirit of Earth Day, some 100 members from more than 60 IAF grantee partners, representing sixteen countries, traveled to Paraná to join grassroots and farmer organizations from all over Brazil.


  • Haiti: Five Years After

    Join us for a screening of the Haiti: Five Years After, followed by a panel and Q&A discussion with leaders of Haitian community organizations.


  • Transformadores 2015

    The second Latin American Grassroots Development Award recognized outstanding community development initiatives as well as the donors that financed, encouraged and otherwise supported them.


  • EcoVida: Farming for life

    Starting on April 22, Earth Day, dozens of IAF grantees and other farmer organizations will meet to discuss effective ways for farmers to cultivate the land sustainably and market their products.


  • VII Summit of the Americas

    A dozen IAF grantees are headed to Panama City for the Summit of the Americas, April 10-11, to represent the interest of youths, people with disabilities, afrodescendents and indigenous communities.


  • Hold Tight, Don’t Let Go

    The New York Times gave a glowing review to Hold Tight, Don’t Let Go, a novel by former IAF fellow Laura Rose Wagner.


  • Awards Galore

    Several IAF partners won awards presented at ceremonies around the world for their efforts to alleviate poverty, include marginalized peoples and protect the environment.


  • Bill Dyal 1928-2015

    Bill Dyal, whose pioneering leadership in grassroots development was a definitive influence on the Inter-American Foundation, died January 29 at age 86.


  • Haitian girl

    Haiti Earthquake: five years later

    Support from the IAF allowed Haitians to undertake extraordinary efforts toward relief and reconstruction at the grassroots.


  • Grantee Exchange in Mexico

    Last October, each of the 28 grantees in the IAF's current Mexico portfolio shared experiences in Tlaplan, outside Mexico City.


  • World Toilet Day

    Toilets are serious business. Just ask the 2 billion people in the world who don't have access to one.


  • IAF at Congressional Hearing on Unaccompanied Central American Children

    On November 18, Robert N. Kaplan testified before the United States Congress on strategies to address the recent influx of unaccompanied Central American children.


  • Casa Alianza Nicaragua wins Franco-German Human Rights Award

    German and French embassies recognized the work of Casa Alianza Nicaragua (CAN), an IAF grantee working with street children and at-risk youths, with the Franco-German Human Rights Award.


  • 2014 community foundation's thumbnail

    100 Years of Community Foundations

    The Council on Foundations is holding its annual meeting this week in Cleveland, Ohio, site of the very first community foundation, incorporated 100 years ago.


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