Corporate Partnerships

fishThe IAF provides a range of options for corporate partners seeking to strengthen the communities where they do business, such as formal partnerships with individual companies and consortia for co-financing and the option to channel funds through IAF for investment in grassroots initiatives consistent with a company's social responsibility priorities. (Under IRC§170, contributions made to the IAF are generally tax-deductible).


The Inter-American Network of Corporate Foundations and Actions for Grassroots Development (RedEAmérica), is an IAF-initiated business-sector alliance committed to supporting self-help projects in the hemisphere. Launched in 2002, RedEAmérica has grown from 27 founding members to a corps representing 70 corporate foundations supported by 360 companies.

Each year, members of RedEAmérica enter into agreements with the IAF that require corporate partners to match and even double the IAF's contribution to social responsibility programs. This joint funding has reached individuals and communities through initiatives undertaken by grassroots groups, often incipient, whose projects were too small to qualify for IAF awards. For more information, go to