Active Grantees: 3

IAF commitment: $804,972
Counterpart value: $1,151,926
Total investment: $1,956,898
fabric printingAreas of emphasis: Agriculture/food production, community tourism, corporate social investment, women’s enterprises, education/training.

Contact information:

David Fleischer, Foundation Representative
Susan Stine, Program Assistant
Gabriela Sbarra, Local Liaison

Active Grantees

Centro de Promoción por la Dignidad Humana (CEPRODIH) will train 460 women as entrepreneurs, support formation of a network to mentor them as they launch or develop businesses, and offer them related technical assistance. 

Centro de Estudios e Investigaciones Afro-Mundo Afro Organizaciones
 (Mundo Afro) and its partners, including former IAF grantee Fundación Defensores del Chaco of Argentina, will use sports leagues and educational and cultural activities to further civic participation and tolerance among marginalized young Afro-Uruguayans in larger cities of Uruguay. The program includes outdoor events and performances by neighborhood musicians, dancers and actors. The work will benefit 2,500 young Afro-Uruguayans directly and another 8,000 indirectly.

Asociación Civil Fondo Región Colonia (FRC), Uruguay’s first community foundation, will provide grants for development projects in the Colonia Department, promote a culture of philanthropy, encourage community participation and organize exchanges among local organizations. The grantee will also coordinate with the public and private sectors to mobilize local, national and international resources. This project will benefit 3,000 people directly and 15,000 indirectly.