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Active grantees: 3
IAF commitment: $616,640
Counterpart value: $468,740
Total investment: $1,085,380
Areas of emphasis: Agriculture/food production (organic), access to water, education/training, the environment, handicrafts, inclusion of indigenous people and women.

Contact information

Ginger Deason, Country Representative
Tasha Torchon, Program Assistant
Inola Mapp, Local Liaison

Active Grantees


The Asociación Nacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza (ANCON) will use its supplement to enable micro and small enterprises in eight communities in or near the Punto Patiño Reserve to form a regional organization. The work will benefit 300 entrepreneurs directly and 3,000 other area residents indirectly. 

Fundación de Organizaciones Campesinas e Indígenas de Veraguas (FOCIV) will train the members of three grassroots organizations in Veraguas in agroecological practices that improve their food supply and in the skills necessary to negotiate to obtain government services. It will also help the organizations with filing to become legally constituted. The work is expected to benefit 546 Panamanians directly and 1,694 indirectly. 

Agricultura Sostenible, Conservación y Desarrollo (ASCODE) will introduce agroecological techniques that increase its production of yams and cassava and enable the organization to reach new markets by qualifying for the certification required to add value to its crops through processing and packaging. The resulting increase in income will benefit 150 Panamanians directly and another 500 indirectly.