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high elevation vegetation


Active grantees: 2
IAF commitment: $402,203
Counterpart value: $1,677,891
Total investment: $2,080,094
Area of emphasis: Corporate social investment, the environment.

Contact information

Juanita Roca, Foundation Representative
Kaitlin Stastny, Program Assistant
Gabriela Sbarra, Local Liason

Active Grantees

Fundación Arcor (Arcor Chile) Fundación Arcor, as part of the Inter-American Network of Corporate Foundations and Actions for Grassroots Development (RedEAmérica), a hemispheric network with the mission to contribute to the reduction of poverty through grassroots development and to encourage participatory, inclusive processes by promoting the formation of community membership organizations (CMOs) in the Americas, will provide small grants, training and other support to grassroots organizations located in Chile.

Corporación Fiscalía del Medio Ambiente
(FIMA) will provide training and legal assistance to the communities of San Pedro de Atacama, Toconao and Sequitor, in the region of Antafogasta, Chile, to improve community members’ leadership skills, their ability to access information about key environmental issues affecting their livelihoods and their use of information to advocate for more effective regulation and an improved public consultation process. Approximately 60 people will benefit directly, and 10,000 residents of these communities will benefit indirectly.