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Below is the Inter-American Foundation's inventory of commercial activities as required by the Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act (FAIR). The Foundation has reviewed its processes and has included in the listing those in-house activities that are considered commercial under the definition in the Act.

During FY 2010, the Foundation's General Counsel received no requests or administrative challenges.

Currently, the Foundation's human resources services, equal employment opportunity services, payroll processing, information technology, information security, budget, procurement, and accounting activities are performed by agreements with other federal agencies. Contractors provide development support services for the grant evaluation management system, translation support services, and provide audits of grantees in each of the countries in which the Foundation operates. The Foundation's audited financial statements are performed under contract by outside auditors. Results and learning services are also provided by contract with individuals or organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Commercial In-House Activities Inventory
Activity Description Organization Unit State Location FTE Activity Function Code Reason Code Year activity first appeared on Fair Act Inventory Contact Person for additional Information
Information Assurance/Security Operations Office VA 901 N. Stuart Street Arlington 1 W410 D 2005 Linda Kolko
System Design, Development & Programming Operations Office VA 901 N. Stuart Street Arlington 1 W826 D 1999 Linda Kolko